Varied training modes to ensure complete fitness

As humans we are designed to move, hence our structure, anatomy and our physiology. SGF believe that your training should stress your body in many different ways. Your body will become accustomed to whatever stresses are placed upon it therefore, using various types and modes of exercise will ensure complete, full body conditioning. We believe training in one discipline is more likely to lead to overuse injuries so we expose our clients to a variety of training modes.

Incorporate endurance, strength and power

Cast your mind back to how Man would have had to use their body 10,000-2 million years ago. Our physiology has not changed despite our society becoming more civilised. We are meant to run, hunt, crouch, climb, forage, throw and lift. Training today should replicate as best we can the type of movement we are designed to carry out – so in essence it follows functional training targeting endurance, strength and power. With this in mind we should also have periods of rest just as our ancestors would have – it is during this recovery period that we heal, repair, adapt and improve

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