Avoid processed and sugary foods

At SGF we think of food as our source of energy, it is of great importance that you choose the best source. We believe in the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods and so the avoidance of refined and synthetic foods is a must. Our society as a whole has become heavily reliant of sugar based, nutrient-poor diets and this we believe will be reversed in time – as witness a mass uptake in nutrition awareness.

At SGF we believe in respecting our bodies and we adopt a Palaeolithic based diet. The Paleo diet broadly adopts the hunter/gatherer concept.

Our physiology has not alter significantly for 2 millions years hence why our ‘modern’ diet is causing our body inflammation and the health problems associated with this.

Adherence to a clean diet and avoidance of processed, refined and sugary-based foods is the key to optimal health. Our ancestors thrived on meat, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits and we need to mimic their choices for a disease free lifestyle.

In the western world there is much focus on weight-loss and a myriad of information on the internet, magazines and media which can make it overwhelming and confusing for someone hoping to achieve weight loss. However, there also needs to be a focus on good quality nutrition for heath to be addressed. Vitality and health can be achieved if one adheres to a clean diet. Once the issue of nutrition is addressed then weight loss can be the focus (if it hasn’t occurred by this time).

Movement in accordance to a clean diet will result in optimal health.

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