SGF Bootcamps

All of our training is functional and effective

At SGF our style and ethos is mirrored throughout our practice; so whether you’re involved in corporate training, bootcamp or private sessions you are guaranteed to be doing types of exercise that represents us and our philosophy. We do not only prescribe running fast and lifting heavy – we also aim to encourage and facilitate improvements in lifestyle by educating on effective and appropriate training for different people. We also promote the importance of correct nutrition to complement your training.
Our modern lifestyle has restricted our daily movements and shaped the foods that are widely eaten across the developed world today. There is a fitness and nutrition revolution occurring right now and we are supporting it!

You can join the revolution by starting to use your body in a way that it was designed to move. Our bodies are reminiscent of our ancestors and should be used in a similar way for ultimate health and results. At SGF we employ modern training techniques and science to best mimic primal movements to maximise your results and prevent injuries.

You are what you eat

At SGF we encourage our clients to start eating wholefoods that best suits the human body and are nutrient dense. Eating raw, clean and organic food is paramount for optimal health. It is necessary to eliminate sugary-based, processed and synthetic foods if you want long-term results and health.

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